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Home School Community Liaison Page – Update October 2020

The new Home School Community Liaison (HSCL) teacher is Aoife Devery. Aoife is taking over from this role for the current school year from Mr Ronan Lally, who is going back into the classroom. Ms Devery has been both a class and SET teacher at St Francis and as a native of Clara, knows many of the parents (and grandparents) already. She is delighted to take on this role covering for Ms Clodagh Ryan for the current school year.

The role of the HSCL teacher is to support parents as primary educators of their children. She would in normal times be visiting many homes for a chat about how school is going, however with the current global pandemic, these visits are limited and she will be chatting with you mostly over the phone or through zoom video calls.

She will be offering to assist in any way possible to make school a safe and happy place for your child. She keeps an eye on attendance figures because it is so important that your child comes to school every day. It has been proven that children, who are often absent fall behind, lose interest in their school work and leave full-time education early.


St Francis Boys school greatly values the involvement of parents in their child’s learning so we would normally invite you to come along and join in with some of the fun activities during the schoolday, throughout the school year, and we all hope that one day we will be able to enjoy these days again, however for now with Covid 19 restrictions in place, we cannot do so as we need to ensure that we are all keeping safe by keeping our distance.

There will be a variety of free courses available to help parents develop their own skills and enjoy the company of others. If you have any ideas for courses/activities you would like, please get in touch with Aoife via phone or email.

She is looking forward to working with you and thanks you for your warm welcome to her new role.

Contact Information:

Aoife Devery HSCL 089-7010044