School Policies & Child Safeguarding Statement

Please find below a list of some of our school policies.

Other policies are available on request from the school.

TO VIEW A POLICY, PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK which brings you to a new page and then click on the download link on the new page to download the policy.

Admission Policy Review 2020

This is our new Admissions Policy

Mission Statement

Child Protection

Enrolment Policy

Code of Behaviour

Anti Bullying Policy

Health and Safety Statement

Substance Abuse

Protected Disclosure Policy

Dignity at Work

RSE Policy

Parents as Partners Policy

SEN Policy

Attendance Policy

Best Practice for new entrants

School Facebook Guidelines

Internet Acceptable Use Policy 2022 ( including Mobile Phones)

Homework Policy 2023

Updated 18th September 2023-DW

  • uploaded 2023 Homework Policy

Last update 11th November 2022 with following documents updated

  • Child safeguarding statement 11th November 2022
  • Acceptable Usage Policy Scanned 10th November 2022
  • Anti Bullying Policy Scanned 10th November 2022