Home School Liasion Officer


The four areas of the Home School scheme include working with staff, parents, community and agency.
1. The Local Committee which was set up by Brid Connor then years ago is in a very strong position at present. We jointly host meetings every month and deal with any areas which impinge on children’s education. This year’s two projects were
” A Community Plan for Clara out of which grew Clara Formal Educator providers group
” A Survey on the sleep habits of pupils from Fifth class upwards. These meetings provide an opportunity for pupils, parents/principals and other members of the community to network in general also.

2. Our parents in the classroom projects were very successful and included Maths for Fun/Reading for Fun/D-Scribe with Junior Infants and Jig Saw making with their parents for 2nd Class.

3. We ran three projects with the Transition Year Student from Ard Scoil Chiarain
” Maths for Fun 1st/2nd/4th Classes
” Question, answer on transferring to secondary
” De-Scribe-Junior Infants dictated a story of their own to the Transition Year Student who typed it and presented it back to them laminated in the company of their parents

4. The Home School Community Co-ordinator endeavours to provide support to everyone they meet, children can come to the breakfast club and feel supported